Saturday, 22 October 2011

New Showreel!

Updated shots are:

My latest work at Cirkus Animation working on a TVC for Tencent Games in China.
I contributed:
Animatic, Animation, Rigging, Weight Painting, Blendshapes, Modelling and texturing a few minor characters. All around great experience working at Cirkus. Heaps of laughs :)

My new animation of Frank! Get ya groove on.
Music: Nightmares on Wax - Flip ya Lid (cannot get enough of this guys music! highly recommend!)

Friday, 14 October 2011

Frank in Love

Frank in love
Frank in LOVE

Been trying out the new rig I built and seeing how far I can push him :)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Meet Frank

Meet Frank!
My latest (WIP) having so much fun with this guy.
He is a Slug.

Meet Frank

I have been reading a great book called Ideas for the animated short: finding and building stories it's really helping me understand the formula in making great animated films.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Ta Da

Ta Da is my final project for Natcoll. We had just 6 short weeks to complete this.

I have allways been a fan of slapstick comedy. So for my final piece I decided on a inpromptu animation based on Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton & Johnny Depp (Benny & Joon)
I found a sequence of videos and started to try and recreate them. It was really hard to do it in person. I thought if I cant do it myself then how am I supposed to make a animated character do these tricks. I needed some professional help. Luckily my friend's Dad was Mr Moon a famous Busker from Christchurch. He offered to teach me the tricks. I went round to his house and spent the day learning to flip hats around. It was a lot of fun and Mr Moon has got some serious skills. In the end I got what I needed. Great reference! one of the most essential things to an animator.

 I created a new character called Buster

I tried a new way of rigging the face instead of Blendshapes I used Curve-based. It turned out great. So much control over the face. Really recommend it.

Here is my final Animation:

(by the way I'm still not a very good Hat Juggler)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Mating Call

Mating Call
came about when we were throwing around ideas for our group project module.
I had previously worked with my scientist Father on a serum to help Kakapo's mate as they are becoming extinct.
It gave me an idea for a animation based around a male Kakapo courting a female and his failed attempts. I pitched it to my class and they loved it. We sat down and developed the script together.
We became a unit. All aiming for one goal. Make the best animation group project Natcoll has ever seen.
We all quickly fell into our roles and worked out butts off for 10 weeks. It was inspiring to be apart of such a talented team.
We got told after we finished it, that we were the first class in Natcoll's history to finish our Group project on time.

Natcoll Christchurch 2010 animation class present to you:

A short animation about New Zealand's endangered parrot the Kakapo and their mating habits.

The male Kakapo will fill his chest pouch with air and then lets out an almighty 'boom'. This boom carries for up to five kilometers, and attracts females from across the land.

The female will then watch him boom, and decide whether he would be a good mate. This type of mating is called 'lek mating' - it's when birds use an area to perform for courtship.

as of February 2010, only 122 known Kakapo are still alive.

Music by Misshin

Please play with headphones or speakers with sub-woofers as the boom that they make is very low pitched.

This video shows how animators manage to capture themselves in the characters they make. 
Animation: Thomas Outram. Reference: Amanda Walker

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Misshin - Wabbit - music videos

I made two music video's for a mate "Misshin" who produces Dubstep.
He played me his new track with a soundbyte from Looney Tunes. I liked it so much, I tracked down some footage that I remembered seeing when I was younger (Rabbit Fire & Rabbit Seasoning) cut it up and made a music video for him. Posted it on youtube and it now has over a Million hits.

here is another one, this time I cut up the scary red puppets from Jim Hensons -The Labyrinth.

This tune is heavy:

Friday, 18 June 2010

Sam my first complete Character

Sam came from a script I wrote years ago called "The Little Things" it was about a young girl who is contemplating taking her own life when she is unexpectedly shown life can be fun and worth living by a cheeky boy Sam.
I didn't end up making this film because it was to large a project for one person in such a short time. I also think now that it would work a lot better as a live action short film. One day :)

I ended up using Sam in 3 of my Modules for class.
1st: Design a character, Model, Rig, Blendshape & Texture.
2nd: Animate to dialogue.
3rd: Texture a scene and render and light it.

It was such a challenge to complete this animation. I had set the bar high (50 cans high) but I started to stay late to help me accomplish what I wanted to. I learnt so much through these modules & had a lot of fun. I started to really enjoy animation and its endless variables.

In the end I came up with this:

I also started experimenting with Sam. Making animations with him, walking, talking and just mucking around learning how to animate a human. I read The Animators Survival Kit around this time and it changed everything, it taught me how to animate. I use it on a daily basis still, Highly Recommended.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Animation Advanced at Natcoll

poster boy
I started Animation Advanced at Natcoll Christchurch with a goal in mind from the start, to work my hardest and learn as much as possible. I was so happy when I met my classmates and could talk about all things animation/gaming/film/tv etc.

It was my first introduction to Maya. I fell in love straight away.  I created this animation early on. Back to learning the basics. SQUASH,  STRETCH, TIMING & WEIGHT.
I had fun doing all the sound effects with my mouth.

Animation for a made up Kids TV show titled "Charlie the Car - Charlie has a wet day".
I decided it would be more fun to make it like Super Mario.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Architectural Design in Christchurch

Found a lovely lady Laura in Wellies and we decided to move to Christchurch to study. I took on Architectural Design and she studied Sound Design/Foley.
I loved the rendering aspect of A.D. and got really interested in Earthship Biotecture.
However during my studies I found myself drawing cartoons.
Making anything and everything in a 3D program.
My PowerPoint shows ended up having videos accompanying them, that I spent more time cutting up and adding effects n making GIF's than time on the actual research.

I realised that I was not happy doing Architectural Design and decided to pursue my dream of making animated films.

The best thing that came out of this experience is that I now know what I want to do with my life and that is a very satisfying feeling.
Earthship Motel Concept

My flat (The Palace) in ChCh retrofitted with a Conservatory. Made in 3D-Max.